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Wicca 1- 7 Week Exploration

  • Ghidrah's Mind Body Spirit 120 East Maumee Street Adrian, MI, 49221 United States (map)


This is a the fourth 7 Week Exploration of Wicca.This is a FREE 7 week class because it is a religious instruction. This will be led by Charlene Hacker. She has been practicing for the majority of her life and is a high priestess. She has lead many circles in the town where she owned a metaphysical shop. She has recently moved to Adrian and is offering her knowledge up to those who feel called. This will be the last Wicca 1 class before we offer Wicca 2! (Wicca 1 is a prerequisite of Wicca 2). Series inquiries only since spots are limited. 7 weeks starting November 2nd-11am-12pm.

This class series will be held in circle form and only has room for 15 students. You MUST pre-register by calling the store. There will be a meet and greet about 2 weeks before the class starts if you have questions for her! Stay tuned for date and time.

Week 1- Introduction and Overview
Week 2- History and Philosophy
Week 3- Traditions and Pantheons
Week 4- Sabbats, Essats and the Moon
Week 5-Tools, Altars, Timing and Elements
Week 6- Circle Etiquette and Ethics Diviniation
Week 7- Final and Dedication

What is Wicca?
Wicca is a nature based pre-christian religion whose holidays follow the seasons. They are polytheistic. Wicca is a green religion meaning ecology conscious. Wicca practitioners try to work with nature and honor the spirit of all life.

F.A.Q. about Wicca!

Is Wicca a cult?
Answer: No, a cult has a rigid code you have to live by and is usually run by a charismatic leader who dictates the rules of behavior. A cult insists on obedience or you are ostracized.
WICCA, on the other hand allows each person direct access to the divinity as it has no "leader". Blessings come to those who do good deeds.

Do witches perform animal sacrifices?
NO, witches revere nature and all creatures in nature as an aspect of the divine.

Do Wiccans indoctrinate people to follow Wicca?
No, Wiccans are not allowed to preach or try to convert people. If you find Wicca and decide it is a path you want to look into a Wiccan will help you.

Do Wiccans believe in hell?
NO, they believe in a place called the Summerland where everyone and all animals go after death. It is a place of peace and rest where you are reunited with loved ones. Wiccans do not have an evil deity. Evil is a human quality we strive to avoid.

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