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Ghidrah's Oracle/Tarot Card Club

Ghidrah's Card Club

Ghidrah's Card club!

Come join us! Certain Wednesday’s night at 6pm for card club. This is an inclusive group that focuses on learning how to trust their intuition with reading cards. This club is open to beginners through experts. If you have always wanted to learn to read tarot or oracle cards, whether it be for yourself or for others, this is the place for you! Email support@ghidrahs.com to inquire about participating!


This club is free. Donations are asked every once and a while as the club saves for special things and celebrations 

See you on Wednesdays!


Reiki Talks


Reiki Talks


Description: One hour discussions focused on sharing current knowledge, including personal experiences, of the Energy Arts focusing on Reiki. Target audience for discussions are Reiki practitioners at all levels. Energy Arts practitioners and curious non-practitioners are invited to attend.

1. Reiki Self Treatment-- Thursday, September 13th 6:00pm

2. Planting the Seed: how do you explain Reiki to others?--Thursday, October 11th 6:00pm

3. Usui vs Holy Fire II Reiki: What is the difference?--Thursday, November 15th 6:00pm

4. Protection: Are you the baby bear?--Thursday, Janurary 10th 6:00pm

5. Tools we use with our Reiki practice --Thursday, February 7th 6:00pm

6. Reiki and oils--Thursday, March 14th 6:00pm

7. Calling on the Third Heaven: Archangels and Ascended Masters--Thursday April 11th 6:00pm

8. Distance Treatment or Enkaku chiryo--Thursday, May 9th 6:00pm

9. Chakra balancing--Thursday, June 13th 6:00pm

10. Discovered benefits of using Reiki in medical treatments--Thursday, August 8th 6:00pm

11. Reiki and modern western medicine--Thursday, September 12th 6:00pm



Belly Dancing!

Here comes another round of Belly Dancing! Don't miss out!

Ghidrah's is hosting another 6 week belly dancing course! Come learn how to belly dance with Cara (Wild Hare Belly Dancing)! There is 1A beginners and a 2A course. Please attend the 1A course if you have never belly danced. This is designed for beginner of all levels and body types. 

Class is $60 up front for all 6 weeks or $12 drop in rate for any of the classes. This starts September 27th and goes until November 1st! Check out our facebook for the event or call the store for more information! 517-260-0116
*IMPORTANT: When you see the times on the website they will NOT match up to this event. This event has the correct times. 

*Why Belly Dancing?
For women (or men) lacking in self-confidence, going through menopause, who want to shape up but detest gyms and running, or who need motivation and require a huge injection of self-esteem, this is undoubtedly the best activity you can take up.

Come jingle with us