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About Ghidrah's

Ghidrah’s Mind Body Spirit supports the holistic wellness of body, mind and spiritual enlightenment with the purpose of life enrichment. The store also offers workshops and healing modalities including Reiki - Usui Lineage and Holy Fire II Karuna®, Reflexology, Past Life Regression, Crystal Life Readings, Hatha Yoga with Gentle and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Chair Yoga, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Healing, Wellness Consultations, and Psychic Mediums Amethyst Biomat, Meditation, and Essential Oils Education.

Vision Statement

Our dream is to connect to all through the web of life, the web of light and to nourish the global spiritual awakening humanity is experiencing. We envision our company assisting in this awakening by providing events, services and products across the globe and to make a contribution to balancing the energies of the divine feminine and masculine. And so it is.

Mission Statement

Our intent is to supply all with a safe space to practice self-love, soul work, and their craft, whatever that may be. We strive to provide the best products and services that we can offer for your spiritual practices and growth.

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Meet The Owners


Tara Coumoundouros

Tara, instinctual and uncontrolled feminine devotee of the moon, has always been sentient to those primal pulses, the push and pull of the ocean’s tides and the howl of the wolves. Tara’s devotion has led her to her soul’s sacred purpose of working with divine feminine and goddess energies through her yogic teachings, energy healing practice, shamanic study and local to global raising and honoring of the energies of all things She. Tara is a mother, a lover, shaman, reiki master, business owner, and pharmacist, the root of which comes from the Ancient Greek word pharmakon, the keeper of both medicine and poison. As a wolf woman, she wants the world to know that both serve their purpose. Find her on the witchsmarket.com


Paula Burke
Paula Burke started her journey when she opened Ghidrah's Emporium in 2014, an eclectic "wellness" retail storefront in Brooklyn. Although she had great success, she quickly realized to move her dream to the next level she would need to bring on partners. In late 2015 the store was moved to downtown Adrian, 2 amazing partners signed on and the name changed to Ghidrah's Mind Body Spirit. Paula is passionate about coaching people on making healthy lifestyle changes with doTERRA essential oil education. She is a stellar oil blender and a Certified Fairyoligist. Paula resonates with recycling, reusing, refurbishing and replacing products with healthy organic choices. She is also a Reiki Master practitioner, AromaTouch Certified and encourages every customer to try the Amethyst BioMat. Find her on diffusingpeace.com

Austeen Freeman


"Breath, Love and Community. Community, there is nothing like it; we come together, we are exposed, vulnerable, witnessed as we move through life. Community loves us through it all. It loves us so much we are able to pick ourselves up piece by piece back to whole. Back to YOU. The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others." This mantra loving girl chooses each day to meet people where they are. To hold space for others and never judge.  

Austeen believes when you start to discover what your body can do, confidence and trust in your body develops. Austeen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and 200 RYT-yoga teacher. She is currently working on her 300 hour RYT with a Bhakti Yoga teacher (Janet Stone). She has recently graduated with a bachelors of Exercise Science/Pre- Athletic Training. She is currently in graduate school for her Masters in Athletic Training. Austeen is an Usui Reiki Master. Her passion is helping people connect to their bodies with movement and self-love. Her training in Bhakti has helped her with working, loving, speaking, thinking, teaching and moving from the heart space. She strives to constantly come back to the abundance of life and the gratitude for each breath we take. Find her on austeenfreeman.com

Ghidrah’s Mind Body Spirit Customer Reviews


"Attended the Psychic Fair on 03/17. Amazing time and some very accurate readings and tuning. Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect." ~Elaine Gilmore-Stegg

"Ghidrah is a wonderful place to learn new things and meet amazing people." ~Lora-Jonathon Forgiel

"I knew this was a great place the moment I walked in. Sarah was so helpful to me. I wanted a new necklace but I wasn't sure which crystal I wanted. Sarah helped me to pick one out and she even wire wrapped it for me on the spot. I joined the library and am so excited about being a member. I hope to start coming to yoga there on Tuesday mornings. I am so excited to have a new safe place where I can go when the world becomes too much for me. Thank you." ~Jenny Gargarello

"I am so excited to have ghidrah's here in town. The staff is very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable in what they sell and do. The store is very nice and I feel like I'm at home when I walk in. I would recommend it to everyone to check out" ~Leah Harvey

"Such an incredible place. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. They go out of their way to answer questions and it is clear they have a deep passion for all things holistic and spiritual. New favorite shop! I can't say enough good things, please check them out!" ~Erin Zerbe

"Very calm, peaceful place to be. Your not bugged or bombarded by staff. Tried the biomat. It was my first time so I'm not sure about it except it was very warm and calming. Awesome "odd" gifts for the hard to buy." ~Kim Spencley

"I love Ghidrah's and am so happy to have it in Brooklyn! It's definitely a place to frequent. The prices are beyond reasonable, the selection is wonderful, interesting, and always growing, and the classes are fabulous. I highly recommend!" ~Kimberly Joy Harrison